Install phpMyAdmin on Centos 7 / Linux Tutorial

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phpMyAdmin is a free web application which will make it easier working with MySQL, it will provide simple backup, restore and other MySQL GUI features, in this tutorial i will show you how to install phpMyAdmin on Centos, download phpMyAdmin, and this can be applies to localhost phpMyAdmin too.

Install phpMyAdmin on Centos 7

In this article i will be installing phpMyAdmin on CentOS 7, this can work on RHEL 7 and other flavors too.


Be sure that Apache httpd is installed
Latest epel release is installed by running: “EPEL Repository is an additional repo which will provide with a lot of extra packages to be installed with ease using yum”
rpm -iUvh


yum install epel-release

Be sure php 5.6 is installed
rpm -Uvh
rpm -Uvh

yum install php56w php56w-opcache
Check if phpMyAdmin is available in your repo

yum search phpmyadmin

Install phpMyAdmin

yum install phpmyadmin -y

Secure and enable phpMyAdmin

Now we need to edit the phpMyAdmin configuration to enable specific IPs or all.

vi /etc/httpd/conf.d/phpMyAdmin.conf

Edit  Require ip parts in all sections


check below link:

Allow all public access

Replace all “bracket” RequireAny “bracket” tags with:

check below link:

URL: your-ip/phpmyadmin/

First phpMyAdmin login password

Password to be used with phpMyAdmin is your MySQL password, if you don’t have a credentials please follow below steps to create root password

Login to server
Connect to MySQL
use mysql;
update user set password=PASSWORD(“mynewpassword”) where User=’root’;

flush privileges ;

Replace above mynewpassword with your desired password.

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