PHP: Array Functions

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⭕ Overview
In this video, we’ll explore some important built-in array functions in PHP.

⭕ Chapters
0:00 – Introduction
1:45 – array_fill() – initialized an array with default data
3:40 – sort() – sort an array in ascending
5:13 – rsort() – sort an array in descending
8:05 – natsort() – natural sort
8:52 – array_merge() – merge two arrays into one array
10:35 – array_push() – add an element to the end or top of an array
14:11 – array_pop() – remove the last or top element from an array
15:55 – array_unshift() – add an element to the beginning of an array
17:30 – array_shift() – remove the first element from an array
18:20 – array_keys() – get all the keys from an array
20:28 – in_array() – check if an element is in an array

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